Why choose me?

Why choose me?

This is a perfectly reasonable question to ask, and i’m here to give you a few pointers which will hopefully answer that question for you.


Why choose me over the bigger companies?

I run a small business which means that I am fully dedicated to your photos. I will offer you an individual service that receives my full attention.

Because I run a small business I am able to work creatively without any restrictions from bosses; this means that if you have a creative request it is highly likely that we’ll be able to fulfill it together, and as a creative individual I can let my imagination run wild and bring you the best ideas for your photos.

Why should I choose your prints over others?

I own and run a professional printer that has been calibrated to match my computer screens. This means that what I see on my computer will be exactly what comes out on my printer. I only use official, top grade inks and paper for my printer and I have the time to personally scrutinize every print so that it is just right when it reaches your hands.

Why don’t you offer a free photoshoot for babies, children and family photoshoots?

Many companies will offer a “free” photoshoot and then they will charge ridiculously high prices for their prints (the bit you get to keep!).

I want you to be able to have as many prints as you want, and I also want you to be able to afford them! This is why I charge a fee for the photoshoot, so that I am able to offer my prints at a much lower price. This means that you’ll be able to afford more prints or bigger prints, and your family and friends will also be able to afford some prints.

You don’t get to keep a photoshoot for the rest of your life, but you do get to keep your prints and photos for the rest of your life, so it makes sense that these are the most fairly priced and easily accessible things.

Do you have copyright printing restrictions on family photos, like the bigger companies?

No. I don’t restrict you from reproducing prints in any way. Once you own a print or digital file, it is yours to do exactly what you like with.
Bigger companies will restrict you from reprinting photos that you rightly own, but I do not see this as a fair way of running a business.

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