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Photoshoot Prices


I am currently adjusting my photoshoot packages to offer the best deals. Thank you for your patience in this time. For prices please contact me below.

Send an email to photo@companionstudios.co.uk or you can text or call me now on 07474929331 to book your photoshoot.

(There may be additional fuel costs depending on your photoshoot location)


I offer a mobile studio that comes to your home and as a result this allows me to create your memories in the comfort of your own home. My home base is in Peterborough.

We all have a special place that we like to visit with our family such as a park, and this is why I will come to any location of your choosing to photograph you.

All photoshoots come with one 5×7 (inch) professional photo print.

Most photoshoots last for about an hour to an hour and a half, but some can take up to two hours and beyond. In this case it will be an extra £20 after 2 hours, which will give you 1 extra hour.



Please enquire for newborn photoshoot prices.


To book a date for your photoshoot, please click here to contact me with your details using the website contact form, or visit www.companionstudios.co.uk/contact/

You can also contact me via this email address: photo@companionstudios.co.uk
Finally you can contact me using my mobile number (texts are welcome) 07474929331.

After i’ve received your information I will contact you to discuss the details and the date.


Photo Restoration Prices:

Photo restoration varies between £30 and £100 and will include a 6×4 photo print of the restored photo. The price will vary from case to case due to individual photo needs, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with some information and i’ll provide you with a quote.